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The Scorpion X-Series Car/Van Immobiliser is compatible with all major vehicle models!


Your vehicle will only start once your unique Pin code sequence is entered (conveniently using the existing buttons in your cockpit)


This means that there is no way that a thief will be able to start your vehicle… even if they have your keys!


Protects against:

Engine start blocking

Protects Against Key Theft / Keyless Entry / Key Cloning  

Thieves using key cloning technology are not able to clone keys or replace the ECU of the vehicle in order to override the X-Series Immobiliser security. Regardless of the theft technique, it is impossible to start your vehicle without your unique PIN first being entered.



Modern thieves can use diagnostic equipment to detect circuit cuts and aftermarket security. The X-Series immobiliser has no cut, so cannot be detected using these techniques. Your immobiliser does not emit any kind of frequency either... making the X-Series invisible and silent to thieves!


Fully reversible

Your X-Series Immobiliser can be removed and reinstalled in a new vehicle without any indication that it was ever there.

The Scorpion X-Series Car Immobiliser is connected directly to your vehicle’s CAN (Controller Area Network).

From there a customised PIN is generated specifically for you. This PIN is a unique private sequence, using buttons on your dash and steering wheel.

This means only those who know the combination are able to start your vehicle.


Within a couple of drives, you’ll be totally familiar with your vehicle immobiliser and it will just be another part of starting your car…. but with the added security … and full peace of mind!!


Please note: Once purchased, we will contact you via e-mail/telephone to arrange a time & date to get your car booked in at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 or we can install at your home/workplace for a cost (within reasonable distance of WF12, please message us with a quote)


Alternatively. you can contact us to get it booked (+44 7791179663)


Fitting charge included at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 

Scorpion X-Series Car Van CAN Immobiliser

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  • We are committed to offering the best value to our customers, with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions about your purchase or install you've purchased at 125 Coding, please contact our Customer Care team.

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