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This listing is for a Full Coding Session we can carry out on your BMW F Series Car

This is your typical F10 - 5 Series, F20 - 1 Series, F30 - 3 Series, F36 - 4 Series and more..

Our full list is as below (please note this all depends on the car's specification/hardware present for the features to be unlocked)


  • Seatbelt Chime Reduced/Switched off

  • Start Stop on Memory/Off all the time

  • Rear lights as DRLs  (Daytime Running Lights)

  • Folding Mirrors instantly on Lock (if it has folding mirrors)

  • DVD USB video in motion (Pro Nav only)

  • USB Video Codecs enabled (Pro Nav only)

  • Alarm Beep with on/off via iDrive

  • DRL on/off via iDrive (Daytime Running Lights)

  • Door LED on in Reverse

  • iDrive Speedlocks Removed

  • iDrive off with Door Open

  • Digital Speedo

  • M Performance Logo on iDrive Startup

  • M Performance Logo on Dials

  • Red Sports Displays

  • Tyre Temps on iDrive (needs active TPMS)


If there are any features above you are unaware of, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask to explain! Likewise, if we have missed any features you would like to switch on (please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be sure accomodate your request)


Please note: Once purchased, we will contact you via e-mail/telephone to arrange a time & date to get your car booked in at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 or we can install at your home/workplace for a cost (within reasonable distance of WF12, please message us with a quote)


Alternatively. you can contact us to get it booked (+44 7791179663)


Fitting charge included at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 

BMW F Series Coding - 2013-2017

  • This is done via coding to your vehicle! We would connect to your vehicle via our Laptop and OBD Cable and perform the coding! Rest assured, we invest £1000s into our equipment using only the latest and genuine software/cables.

  • We are committed to offering the best value to our customers, with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions about your purchase or install you've purchased at 125 Coding, please contact our Customer Care team.

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