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Looking to update the Entertainment system in your 2012-2018 Audi A1 S1 or Q3 RSQ3? 

We can offer OEM Integration with your Original Display and Media System!


We can offer Wireless Apple CarPlay, Wireless Android Auto, USB Port install for Video Playback all on your car's screen integrated with the current system and can switch between the two systems with a touch of a button! We will also add a Touch Screen Panel to your current screen to allow Touch Screen Control of the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto


Please note: Once purchased, we will contact you via e-mail/telephone to arrange a time & date to get your car booked in at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 or we can install at your home/workplace for a cost (within reasonable distance of WF12, please message us with a quote)


Alternatively. you can contact us to get it booked (+44 7791179663)


Fitting charge included at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 

Audi A1 S1 Q3 RSQ3 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Integration 2012-2018

  • Modernize your interior and your car with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto! Driving will become so effortless and easy with integration of your favourite apps on your cars screen! Get Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, Spotify, Internet Radio all on your car's screen

  • We are committed to offering the best value to our customers, with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions about your purchase or install you've purchased at 125 Coding, please contact our Customer Care team.

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