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This listing is for a service to perform ONLINE CODING on your Lamborghini


FAZIT | GeKo | CP | SVM | FEC | SWAP | Component Protection


We are able to remove component protection on security-enabled part(s), specially-protected vehicle component(s) for all Volkswagen Automotive Group vehicles 


Our computerized diagnostics systems and direct connectivity to VW AG factory servers allow us to repair the vehicle according to manufacturer guidelines. The online repair programming will convert the vehicle back to manufacturer specifications. VW AG guarantees that the vehicle will operate as intended by the manufacturer. 


This applies to all the modules, Key Coding, Removing Keys, Coding Keys, Coding Modules - Central Electronics  Module (09), Instrument Clusters (17), Infotainment Units - Radio (5F), Heating Control (08), Gateway Upgrade (19), Airbag Module (15) and more...


Please note: Once purchased, we will contact you via e-mail/telephone to arrange a time & date to get your car booked in at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 or we can install at your home/workplace for a cost (within reasonable distance of WF12, please message us with a quote)


Alternatively. you can contact us to get it booked (+44 7791179663)


Fitting charge included at our premises in Dewsbury, WF12 

Lamborghini GeKo | SVM | Component Protection

  • This is done via coding to your vehicle! We would connect to your vehicle via our Laptop and OBD Cable and perform the coding! Rest assured, we invest £1000s into our equipment using only the latest and genuine software/cables.

  • We are committed to offering the best value to our customers, with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have questions about your purchase or install you've purchased at 125 Coding, please contact our Customer Care team.

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